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Land Acquisition Services

“Only one SOI was received from Stenger Professional Services. The City has reviewed the information presented and has decided to move forward with Stenger Professional Services for the Land Acquisition for this project”


2018 QBS


Request for Statement of Interest (SOI)

Land Acquisition Services for

7TH Street

Section Number: 08-00074-00-RS

The City of Murphysboro is in need of professional services from a qualified firm to provide Land Acquisition Services for the 7th Street re-construction/widening project referenced above.


Please refer to the attached Preliminary Scope of Services for more detailed information on this project. If you plan to enter into a joint venture with another firm for this project, please note this on your SOI, including the name of the firm you are entering into a joint venture with.


The SOI should be submitted electronically (PDF format), no later than 3:00 p.m. on August 9, 2018 addressed to Sandra M. Ripley, Deputy City Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Short-listed firms will be posted at


Any SOI received after the above noted deadline will not be used as part of our consultant selection process.




Land Acquisition Services for

7TH Street

Section Number: 08-00074-00-RS


Qualified firms interested in providing these services for the City of Murphysboro must appear on the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) current approved Appraiser/Review Appraiser/Negotiator listing as shown on their website at .

This project may contain Federal Funds. The selected firm shall perform all services necessary to prepare appraisals, appraisal reviews, property valuations and negotiations for the fee simple acquisition of approximately 2 acres of new right-of-way and approximately 2.5 acres of existing prescriptive easement from 41 parcels. At this time no relocation work is anticipated.

Prior to beginning the appraisal process, the City of Murphysboro will provide a recent title commitment, which includes the last deed of record, for each parcel, indicating ownership as well as other elements of property ownership that may affect value and a set of current plans, cross sections, parcel plats, and parcel legal descriptions.

The services shall be provided by the firm as an independent contractor of the City of Murphysboro. All such services shall be performed in accordance with the policies of the City of Murphysboro and the IDOT, Land Acquisition Policies and Procedures Manual and the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 as amended.

Services will include the preparation of offer documents and conveyance documents appropriate for the nature of property ownership. The firm will initiate negotiations upon the City of Murphysboro’s certification of the parcels' review appraisals or waiver valuations. This effort will include an attempt to present the offer package in person to the property owner, if the property owner or their representatives is located near the project site, and a minimum of three personal contacts per parcel, if required, to reach a negotiated settlement.

In the event that settlement is reached, the firm’s negotiation efforts will be considered complete when the conveyance documents and documents to clear title encumbrances for each parcel are delivered to the City of Murphysboro for approval and recording. In the event that settlement is not reached, the firm’s negotiation effort will be considered complete when each parcel is referred to the City of Murphysboro for condemnation after attempts to negotiate the acquisition have failed. The firm will prepare condemnation request packets, if necessary, if negotiations have failed and upon the direction of the City of Murphysboro.

The selected firm shall provide testimony in court as a witness on behalf of City of Murphysboro during eminent domain trials to detail the negotiation process and communications with the property owner concerning the right-of-way.

When applicable, submission of all necessary documentation including negotiator’s notes for each parcel in order to obtain approval of the right-of-way.