Big Muddy River Flooding 2017

Information on Big Muddy River Flooding in Murphysboro

Here is the most current information on Big Muddy River Flooding in Murphysboro:

View the current river stage and crest projections here.

The following streets are closed:

  • Plum Street
  • Division Street west of 5th
  • Watson Road (Between Williams St and the School)
  • Shomaker Drive between Bridge Street and the 1200 block
  • Parts of South 3rd and South 4th Street
  • Lindell Street and South 23rd near the boat ramp
  • West Riverside Park Road
  • Lake Forest Drive

County Road closures can be found here

State Highway Closures can be found here

Here are the Press Releases regarding flooding:

Anyone who has been displaced because of flooding and is in need of a place to go should contact the American Red Cross at (314) 516-2800

The City of Murphysboro & Jackson County are opening a facility for the public to fill sand bags for use at their own property.  Any who needs sand bags can fill them at the former Curwood facility on N 19th Street in Murphysboro.  Sand and sand bags will be provided, but residents will be responsible for filling the sand bags and transporting them.  It is anticipated that this site will be open by 2pm on 5/2/2016 and will be open until dark (8pm)

Residents are reminded to use extreem caution around flood water.  If electrical facility have been flooded, there is an electrocution hazard, as well as the unknown threat of flood water contaminated with chemicals and raw sewage.